Everyday Thermomix Online Course


The first comprehensive online course for Thermomix owners. Learn how to use your Thermomix every day to create the kitchen life you want.

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What can you expect to learn?

Pre Course – Your Why
Clarity Questionnaire: What do you really want your kitchen and cooking life to look like?  Set your priorities and goals

Week 1 – The Basics
Thermomix Functions & Settings (TM5 & TM31)
Cleaning & Caring for your Thermomix
Testing for common issues
Top lessons from your Thermomix manual

Week 2 – So Many Recipes
Managing Recipes for easy use – electronic & paper
Converting recipes to Thermomix
How to use Cookidoo & Cook-Key
My favourite recipe sources

Week 3 – Your Food, Your Way
Your personalised ‘Meal in Minutes’ playlist
‘Meal Planning Your Way’ with special guest Louise D’Allura
Organising your Pantry & Fridge

Week 4 – Spend Less
How to save money using your Thermomix
No waste ideas
‘Capsule Pantry’ – Few ingredients = many dishes

Week 5 – I Just Can’t Cook!
Your batch cooking plan for those ‘can’t cook’ days
Your favourite Take-aways made in the Thermomix

Week 6 – Dietary Needs
Gluten Free/Grain Free
Dairy Free
Plant Based

Week 7 – Cooking with & for others
How to involve your family in cooking
Easy Entertaining

Week 8 – Steam & Servers
Tips for using your Varoma
Fleur’s favourite Varoma dishes
The many uses of the ThermoServer
Recap & Summary

My all-time favourite Thermomix hints and tips from my 8 years with Thermomix in Australia and using it daily in my own kitchen.

Still got questions?

Here are the most common questions I’ve been asked since announcing the launch of Everyday Thermomix Online Course.

How long is the pre-launch price available?

The Pre-Launch special price of $170 ends on 30th April 2019 or until allocation has sold out.  The price after that date will be $195.  Only 50 courses are available at the pre launch price of $170.

When will the course be launched?

The Everyday Thermomix Online Course will be launched on or before 30th April. Excepting illness, major tech issues or natural disasters the course will be launched at that time.  Customers who pre purchased the course will receive an email with their login at that time along with an invitation to join the members only Facebook page.  Should the course launch be delayed all members will be advised as soon as possible.

Do I really need 8 weeks to learn how to use my Thermomix?

There’s no doubt that there’s plenty to learn about the Thermomix.  I still learn new things all the time but this course is broken down into 8 quick yet impactful video training modules.  You will receive one per week for 8 weeks.  It’s up to you when you watch the video’s and do the activities.  You don’t have to even complete a module before moving on to the next.  You will be able to watch the videos and do the activities when you want.

How long do I have access to the course for? 

You will have access to the course for the lifetime of the course online even if it is updated. You won’t be cut off after a period of time.

I’ve got a TM31.  Will this course still be of benefit?

Yes, absolutely!  Where the information differs between TM31 & TM5 I will give different relevant information.  The only thing that won’t be relevant to TM31 owners is regarding the Cook-Key.

Does it matter if I don’t have a Cook-Key?

If you don’t have a Cook-Key, regardless of what model you have, you will still benefit from being a Cookidoo member and the content covered in that module.

Is this course just for new TM owners?  I’ve had my Thermomix for years but still not using it as much?

No, This course is for all TM owners. While the course is an ideal way for a new Thermomix owner to get started, the Everyday Theromix online course will also reinspire people who have had a Thermmomix for a long time but have lost their cooking mojo and not using their TM as often as they would like.

What if I need extra assistance?

You can contact me anytime on fleur@cooklivelove.com.au.  The course will be hosted on Thinkific who have great tech support.

Is there homework?  Will I be graded?

No, the activities are self-paced to help you implement the learnings from that module.  If you would like feedback or have questions, you can email me on fleur@cooklivelove.com.au or ask a question in the Everyday Thermomix members Facebook group.

I’ve already been to The Ultimate Thermomix Workshop.  Is this course worth it for me?

Absolutely, in fact, most of the people who have already pre-purchased the Everyday Thermomix course have already been to The Ultimate Workshop.  They purchased the course because there is new content in this course not covered in The Ultimate Workshop and topics that are covered again are often expanded on.  Having the Everyday Thermomix course at your fingertips is also a great way to revisit lessons previously learned.  Repetition is the mother of learning as they say!


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When you first bought your Thermomix® you probably had great visions of how this amazing German machine was going to take your meal times from stressed out and basic to effortlessly delicious and nutritious meals every single day. Right?  That was totally me 8 years ago.


When a friend first showed me what a Thermomix could do I knew instantly that my dream of cooking from scratch every day for my family might actually be achievable.  Hurry up and take my money…


But what I found is that buying a Thermomix alone just wasn’t enough to realise my kitchen vision.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great but I soon realised I had a lot to learn if I was really going to get the most out of my Thermomix®.


Not long after buying my Thermomix® I became a Thermomix® consultant and loved it.  Not only was I showing other families how to cook and eat better with a Thermomix® in their kitchen, I was learning so much and I created quite a nice little business for myself.  Before too long I was leading a team and then managing a Branch of over 100 wonderful consultants all showing families how to live and eat well with a Thermomix® in their kitchen.  My love of food and especially the commercial use of the Thermomix® lead me to the unique role of Cooking Class, Events and Commercial Specialist.   Over the past 8 years I have spoken to thousands of customers, many of who have shared with me that they’re not using their Thermomix as much as they’d like to.  I tell them what I said to you above.  Buying a Thermomix® alone often isn’t enough to make the changes you’re looking for.  Thermal cooking is a whole new way of cooking for most people so it makes sense that some learning and application is required to get the most out of your investment.


So that’s what lead me to develop The Ultimate Thermomix® Workshop.  Firstly, it’s not a cooking class. There are some great thermo cooking classes around and I would highly recommend going to as many as you can BUT there is so much more to learn about the Thermomix® and how to use it in a way that is specific to you and the needs of your family.  The Ultimate Thermomix® Workshop is the coming together of all I have learned about the Thermomix® over the past 8 years, packaged up into a jam packed half day workshop.   You will walk away with a workbook full of ideas and knowledge that is ALL ABOUT YOU.   For a full description of what’s covered in this workshop go to the Eventbright booking page.


In addition to The Ultimate Thermomix Workshop, I have also launched in 2019 a Thermomix® Pantry and Fridge Staples class which will give you a foundation for making kitchen basics simply and inexpensively with your Thermomix.  A must for all Thermomix owners.


For more information on The Ultimate Thermomix® Workshop or the Thermomix® Pantry and Fridge Staples Class please email me on fleur@cooklivelove.com.au

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