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Vegan and Keto Thermomix Recipes

by Thermohaven Team


Who started Thermohaven?

My name is Samantha, I was born and bred in Tasmania, so born a foodie, am I right? 😉 I have lived in North Queensland for the past 9 years as prefer the warm climate.

But seriously, I have always loved food but my real passion for food started in high school when I chose cooking as one of my subjects each year. I also have a strong passion for health and wellbeing, which came in my late 20’s and grew stronger when I purchased a thermomix, and even more when I had children as I wanted to be able to provide them with the most preservative and additive free food that I possibly could while still making it from scratch at home, in very little time, whilst also maximising our family time, it’s a win win.

One of my favourite places to be…

Why did I start Thermohaven?

I love my thermomix and anything and everything that has been created to use with it and felt the need for a site with all products and information in the one place. I think that each and every one of the creations are amazing and I want them all listed on our site!!

I cannot praise thermomix enough with how amazingly smart their machines are. I started off with my sister-in-law’s TM31 when she upgraded to the TM5 and then I got upgraded to the TM5 as a surprise from my husband. I know I am not alone when I say I was a little sad to let the TM31 go as it was the start of my thermo journey and I knew it so well but in saying that I knew the TM5 would be even smarter and just as easy to navigate as the old one and hold that bit more which is a huge bonus with a growing family!

Oh and I do have a confession to make…not that it isn’t already totally obvious to some but I have a “slight” recipe addiction…ssshhh!! hehe…OK it’s not slight, its a full blown addiction, but I am starting to cull 😉

What do I love most about the thermomix?

I love that it caters for all diets, options are absolutely endless! So much so that I have helped create a Plant-Based Thermo Cookbook with ifeelgood, which you can find information on here.

Plant_Based Thermo Cookbook – $9.99

What do I do in between trying to find more vendors to come on board?

I also have a virtual office assistance business which I thoroughly enjoy and would love to work with more chefs/recipe developers, you can find out more about that here.
When I am not working I love to spend majority of my time in the kitchen and/or with my family.

Please Note: I am not affiliated in any way with Thermomix in Australia Pty Ltd or Vorwerk International AG.

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