My Top Thermomix Tips FREE Online Course


My Top Thermomix tips is a free mini-course for Thermomix owners made up of a collection of short how-to videos to help you get the most out of your Thermomix. These are my all-time favourite pro tips I’ve gathered in over 9 years of Thermomixing


  • How to clean the arms of your Thermomix – TM5&6
  • How to do a heat test – all models
  • How to test your scales TM5
  • How to test the scales TM31 & TM5
  • How to use Transportation Mode – TM 5 & 6
  • Uses for your Thermoserver
  • How the spatula becomes a handle for the basket
  • How Fleur assembles her Bowl
  • How to use the Pin Lock TM5
  • How to adjust the sounds TM5 & 6
  • When to replace the lid seal TM31 & 5
  • Change the screen colour TM5
  • How to find your serial number TM5
  • How to clean the back grid TM5&6
  • How to clean the feet for scales accuracy – all models
  • How to fix a stained lid – all models
  • How to Mince Meat
  • How to deep clean your Thermomix
  • TM6 Scales Test
  • Basket & Spatula trick
  • Alter sounds and display TM6
  • What’s behind the ‘HELP’ button TM6
  • What TM accessories do I rate?
  • What TM6 bits work on other models
  • My Top Varoma Tips
  • My favourite Varoma meals
  • How to use the search filters on Cookidoo TM6
  • My Top Bread Dough Tips
  • Quick Bowl Clean – TM31 & 5
  • Using the lid as a funnel
  • Top Spatula Technique


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When you first bought your Thermomix® you probably had great visions of how this amazing German machine was going to take your meal times from stressed out and basic to effortlessly delicious and nutritious meals every single day. Right?  That was totally me 8 years ago.


When a friend first showed me what a Thermomix could do I knew instantly that my dream of cooking from scratch every day for my family might actually be achievable.  Hurry up and take my money…


But what I found is that buying a Thermomix alone just wasn’t enough to realise my kitchen vision.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great but I soon realised I had a lot to learn if I was really going to get the most out of my Thermomix®.


Not long after buying my Thermomix® I became a Thermomix® consultant and loved it.  Not only was I showing other families how to cook and eat better with a Thermomix® in their kitchen, I was learning so much and I created quite a nice little business for myself.  Before too long I was leading a team and then managing a Branch of over 100 wonderful consultants all showing families how to live and eat well with a Thermomix® in their kitchen.  My love of food and especially the commercial use of the Thermomix® lead me to the unique role of Cooking Class, Events and Commercial Specialist.   Over the past 8 years I have spoken to thousands of customers, many of who have shared with me that they’re not using their Thermomix as much as they’d like to.  I tell them what I said to you above.  Buying a Thermomix® alone often isn’t enough to make the changes you’re looking for.  Thermal cooking is a whole new way of cooking for most people so it makes sense that some learning and application is required to get the most out of your investment.


So that’s what lead me to develop The Ultimate Thermomix® Workshop.  Firstly, it’s not a cooking class. There are some great thermo cooking classes around and I would highly recommend going to as many as you can BUT there is so much more to learn about the Thermomix® and how to use it in a way that is specific to you and the needs of your family.  The Ultimate Thermomix® Workshop is the coming together of all I have learned about the Thermomix® over the past 8 years, packaged up into a jam packed half day workshop.   You will walk away with a workbook full of ideas and knowledge that is ALL ABOUT YOU.   For a full description of what’s covered in this workshop go to the Eventbright booking page.


In addition to The Ultimate Thermomix Workshop, I have also launched in 2019 a Thermomix® Pantry and Fridge Staples class which will give you a foundation for making kitchen basics simply and inexpensively with your Thermomix.  A must for all Thermomix owners.


For more information on The Ultimate Thermomix® Workshop or the Thermomix® Pantry and Fridge Staples Class please email me on

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